Fractured I.D. is a three night event on Monday April 23rd, Tuesday April 24th & Wednesday April 25th, 2012. Doors open at 6:30 pm. ! The festival will take place at the Flat Iron Arts Building (Collaboraction) Suite 336 located at 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave. The festival will consist of full or nearly full staged readings (actors may or may not be off book), four short plays, nine Variety/Solo performances, three bands, all against the backdrop of visual works by homeless artists organized by Chicago Photography Center.  We will help directors and performers in finding ways to support their pieces by making available to them hired set, sound, lighting, and costume designers to fully immerse our audiences in the Festival experience.

On the Night of the Festival: Admission is $20 per person, You can purchase two nights for $25 and three nights for $30.

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Event Programming: Doors Open at 6:30 PM each night!

Monday April 23rd, 2012
The Microphone Misfitz                                                                                                                                                                                   Featured Variety Act: LisaBeasley

Short Play: DIRT by Robert O’Hara. Directed by Austin Talley
Featured Variety Act
: Dystopia Luna and Kitty DeVille

Featured Variety Act: SirJove

Featured Variety Act: Shannon Matesky
Full Length Reading
: THIS IS NOT A TIME BOMB by Aaron Levy. Directed by Gus Menary

Tuesday April 24th, 2012
Castor and Pollux
Featured Variety Act:
Students from Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puertorican High School
Short Play:
NOBLE GASES by Nic Harper. Directed by Juan Castañeda
Short Play: THE BEAUTY IN QUEENS by Robert O’Hara. Directed by James T. Alfred
Featured Variety Act:
Osiris Khepera
Full Length Reading:
RED LINE DOWN by Ike Holter. Directed by Duncan Riddell

Wednesday April 25th, 2012
Musical Artist: Roy Kinsey
Short Play:
MOVIE by Robert O’Hara. Directed by L’Oréal Patrice Jackson
Featured Variety Act:
Existential Crisis
Featured Variety Act:
Blake Russell
Full Length Reading:
HUNGER by Anna Moench. Directed by Edgar Sanchez
Featured Variety Act:
Arturo Soria

“Fractured I.D.” is the first annual Sankofa Play Festival. The festival is designed to showcase plays Sankofa is considering for future production whilst continuing to introduce the company to the community. The theme for our inaugural festival rests squarely on the name and mission of our company: Identity. Each of these works addresses “Identity” in a very specific way. Whether it is an identity we place on ourselves or an identity we place on others, each perspective becomes a lens through which we view each other and ourselves. Fractured I.D. explores how these perspectives inform the way we relate to each other and the consequences of when we fail or succeed. In collaboration with Chicago Photography Center, who organizes a community outreach program that sponsors homeless artists, we will showcase photography from their program. Additionally, our festival is a collaborative effort designed to showcase the talents of local Chicago playwrights, actors, directors, and visual and performance artists!

“So we were fina wosankofa a yenkyi”
“It is not wrong to go back and fetch what you have forgotten”



  1. Doris Thompson Sanchez

    I wish I can attend so I can see my cousin Edgar Sanchez… I now he’s dammm good!

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